The Best Tech-Gear for Fitness Junkies

Those that love working out are always getting excited about the latest fitness gear. Wearable tech has come onto the consumer electronics scene within the past few years, giving those that love to workout, exercise, and do marathons some electronics to help them stay ahead of the competition. Although wearable tech isn’t going to make someone more athletic, it can help them keep track of their progress and know where they have improved.

Those that are looking forward to new electronics in the fitness industry are in luck. There are new gadgets coming out all the time, giving fitness junkies and gym rats the ability to get more gains by knowing where they need to push themselves more. From the Apple Watch to the devices of Garmin and Fitbit, there is lots of wearable tech out there for fitness lovers. But those aren’t the only gadgets for those into working out.

     Top Fitness Tech

FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

This device is available for $90 from Amazon is designed for swimmers. It uses bone conduction audio transmission to allow the user to hear their favorite music as they are swimming laps. It also has 4GB of storage for music and media, up to 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback. This device is going to revolutionize the way that people listen to music while they swim. From Olympic swimmers to beginners, there are many people that are going to be able to take advantage of this device.

4iiii Sportiiiis Heads Up Display System

This incredible device clips onto a pair of sunglasses and is perfect for those that are wanting to keep track of their heart rate and other info as they are cycling or running. This device requires a chest strap attachment in order to track a heartbeat, but it displays information in the user’s field-of-vision and has speakers to give updates as well. It’s a great gadget for someone, whether they are a runner, cyclist, or participate in decathlons.


This revolutionary Bluetooth fork is going to change the way that people eat. It’s basically a health coach, and can teach the user how to have better eating habits. The user pairs it with their smartphone, and is then able to see what their eating stats are like. The data is then uploaded via USB to to track how they are doing. One of the main benefits is it can help the user eat slower, which will enable them to feel more full while consuming less calories. It’s not available on Amazon, but may be soon.

Sensoria Smart Sock

This is a device that was funded by an INDIEGOGO account. It’s made up of 2 socks, which are made from high-tech running fabric. There is an electronic anklet attached to one of the socks, and is going to do some amazing things. The Sensoria Smart Sock will monitor the cadence and rhythm of someone’s running style, as well as the contact time on the ground and the heartbeat of the runner. All of this information can be used to optimize one’s running style. These fitness socks are sure to change the way that runners get information about their running style. Get these smart socks for $200.

Each of these electronic devices could really benefit someone who has needs in the particular field that it’s offering help in. Wearable tech has become some of the most exciting electronic gadgets to be in the fitness industry. All of these gadgets show that fitness tracker bracelets aren’t the only helpful gadgets to hit the fitness industry in recent years.

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