Free Productivity Apps to Boost Your Workflow

appsWe can all use a hand from time to time to help stay organized and on task. Do you still keep track of to-do lists and appointments the old fashioned way? It’s time to step your productivity game up and get things done faster and more efficiently. Whether you need a full-blown digital assistant or just a higher functioning calendar – we have the app for you.

If you haven’t tried Google Calendars yet, you are missing out. This app is integrated will your google account and streamlines your schedule across multiple platforms. Check your schedule on any mobile device or computer simply by logging in. You can invite others to view your calendar, add attendees to appointments and set reminders for multiple calendars. Keep your personal and professional calendars all in one place and save yourself time and space.

Another excellent calendar to try is Jorte. This calendar app allows you to sync all of your calendars into one. It also allows you to customize the look, layout, and features of your calendar – giving you full flexibility to manage your schedule in style. It is easy to use and features tons of options you won’t find with other calendar apps.

To-Do Lists
Todoist is a great list and reminder app that you can use on any platform. Manage your daily tasks from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This app allows you to share and assign tasks to other users. You also have the ability to create sub-tasks, sub-projects and priority levels for every task you need to take on. Todoist features a premium paid version for even greater functionality. is another great app to manage daily tasks. Boasting over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, this app allows you to add notes, files, and reminders for all of your priorities. Need to create a list? You can also do that with!

Expense Trackers
Do you need to track expenses for work? Hate carrying around receipts to turn in? Try an app like Expense Manager by Bishinews. This app allows you to manage your daily expenses, take photos of your receipts and upload them securely to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. This app also features a mileage tracker for those of you who need to keep track of miles driven for reimbursement.

Daily Expenses in the Google Play Store is also another excellent application to try. Color code your finances to easily track and organize them for turn-in time at work.

Digital Assistants (For Android)
For those of us who don’t have the luxury of Apple’s Siri or who simply don’t want to use Google Now, apps like can be of…eh…assistance. can answer your questions, manage your email and perform tasks like adding events to your calendar, providing translation services and sending text messages. You can even change her appearance!

If you are a fan of Google’s products, Google Now is an excellent tool to manage your day. Google Now is fully voice-operated – meaning you can ask a question and get a reply either with voice or with a list of suggested google search pages. Set alarms, make phone calls and manage your email all with a voice command.

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