Target Phone Locking

Auto Forward can do so much more than let parents spy on text messages that their teen sends and receives. It can track their location using GPS, it can check their emails, monitor their chatting apps, social media and call logs. It can give parents a clear and in depth look at what their child is doing online and who they are communicating with on their mobile device.

There are a few features of Auto Forward that sometimes get overlooked, but are useful in helping parents get to know their teens a little bit better, or help parents keep their teens safe when making positive cell phone choices seems to be a struggle for their teen.

lockTarget Phone Locking- In the hustle and bustle of class, hanging out with friends, after school jobs and sports practice, phones get lost. They get left behind in dressing rooms and locker rooms, in a friend’s car or in the booth at their favorite restaurant. When phones go missing, teens panic that their private information is in the wrong hands, or that, God forbid, someone may post to Facebook their behalf. Lucky for them, parents who have downloaded software to spy on text messages can also lock the phone from anywhere. Until the phone is returned or found, the phone remains completely locked and useless to anyone who tries to use it. This phone locking feature also comes in handy for parents of the chronic texter; someone who’s thumbs and fingers are working on a text during class, while they’re driving or during family meal times. Parents can lock the phone for the duration of the school day, eliminating the urge for teens to text in class, and encouraging them to instead focus on their education. This locking feature keeps kids focused and keeps private information from getting in the wrong hands.

Tracking Phone Diagnostics: “Mom, I couldn’t call you, my phone died!”  Does this sound like a familiar excuse as to why your teen went hours without returning your worried calls? Now, thanks to software that allows you to spy on text messages, you can also view the status of the phone, the battery life and whether it is on or off. This will quickly put an end to your teen’s less-than-honest excuses as to why she was unreachable for a certain amount of time. On the flip side, it can also give parents reassurance if they log in and see that their child’s phone is actually dead and that that, more than likely, is the reason they aren’t reachable. Still a little nerve-wracking, but at least it gives parents a plausible reason as to why they can’t reach their teen.

Features like remote phone locking and the ability to check the target phone’s current status are just two other perks of using software that allows you to spy on text messages. Auto Forward has thought of everything to make sure your teen is using his/her cell phone in a way that is safe and appropriate, and also allows you to keep tabs on where the cell phone is and how much life it has.